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Our no-obligation, ceremony discovery meeting
Your 2016 Wedding Ceremony
Marian Hills Farm
The Van Buren Event Center in Columbia City


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Our no-obligation, ceremony discovery meeting

Meeting your Officiant in person is vitally important because this person is helping you transition through a Rite-of-Passage. You need to get a feel for the person and whether or not you can work with them. Are they answering all your questions? Do you feel confident they will craft and perform the ceremony of your dreams?

Often when I meet with people I'm asking questions they didn't even think of, and giving them suggestions for elements that may or may not "feel right"  to them.


New! I am now a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator!

Whether you've just started dating, are planning on getting married, are a newlywed or have been married for many years, Prepare-Enrich will help you learn your strengths as a couple!

Learn better communication and listening skills!

Cost is $35.00 to complete questionnaire online, and $50.00 for two sessions with me. One to go over the results of your questionnaires and the second to follow-up on what you've learned.

Call (260) 479-7165 today to find out more!

Your 2016 Wedding Ceremony

Have you thought about a theme for your wedding ceremony? What fits your personal style and the formality you wish to present? A Country Club will have a more formal feel than a backyard, and an indoor wedding will give you more opportunity to decorate in the theme of your choice than a park with trees, flowers, ponds, etc., unless of course, that IS your theme. 

Why is theme important? Having a theme saves you time, money and effort as you easily decide on the best decor, colors and finishing touches.

Marian Hills Farm

Recently, I visited Marian Hills Farm to look over this fabulous wedding hot spot and found a tranquil, natural place on earth touched by heaven. There is a pond with a water fountain that can be framed with your arch. A barn to hold your guests if it's raining or to dance the night away. 

Need a place to get dressed? There's a beautiful bridal suite decorated with the finest details that transport you to another place and time. The gentlemen have their own room with a balcony overlooking the lawn and pond below.

The Van Buren Event Center in Columbia City

Looking for a charming place to hold your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception? The Van Buren Event Center offers charm and historical elegance on the southwest corner of Van Buren and Line Streets in downtown Columbia City. 

You'll find everything you need in one place; tables, chairs, cocktail tables, and coming soon, outside tables and chairs to enjoy the ambiance of downtown in the fresh air! The floor is carpeted which helps with acoustics and adding a wooden dance floor is optional.

Foster Park Bridal Glen

The Foster Park Bridal Glen in Fort Wayne, IN, is a very charming and romantic place to hold your wedding ceremony. There is a place for the bride to hide while your guests are arriving, but make sure the foliage is dense enough. 

Your guests enter the glen through a heart-shaped arch and are greeted by a brick pathway leading to a gazebo. There are patches of grass on either side of the walkway with room for 20 chairs on each side. The gazebo is equipped with electrical outlets for your CD player, lights or other electrical needs.

Getting to know you

I want to know more about you and your dreams. To accomplish this, I offer a free, no-obligation, ceremony discovery meeting. We meet in a public place, I buy you something to drink, and then I listen to you tell me what you expect, what you want, how far you are in your planning, and answer your questions. 

You do not need to decide right away. I give you 10 days to let me know how you feel about working with me, and having me craft your extraordinary ceremony. This gives you an opportunity to step back, talk it over privately and really think about this very important decision.

Congratulations, Abby & Joe!

Abby & Joe renewed their wedding vows at the Valentine's Day Celebration of Romance! Their simple ceremony was highlighted by readings from The Couples Tau Te Ching by Lau Tzu. 

Almost four years ago, I performed their wedding ceremony that included a moving remembrance to her father who had passed away. She lit a candle while "Friends Are Friends Forever" played in the background. Their Handfasting Unity Ceremony was disrupted a little when Abby discovered a black, gooey substance on her wedding gown!

Gift Registry Event

Now through March 1, 2015, Celebrations is having a special! Scan 25 items from their registry and you will earn a $25.00 off coupon! Visit their website: today to learn more!

Personal service with a smile

How many times have you called customer service only to be routed through a list of buttons to push and never seem to be able to speak with a live person? When you call (260) 479-7165 any day between the hours of 9:00a.m., and 9:00p.m., you will speak to me personally or I will call you right back, if I'm in a meeting or performing a ceremony. 

When we speak on the phone, it gives us both the opportunity to get to know each other better and discover the possibilities that await. You will receive a written quote when I know if I'm available for your date and time, and when I know where your ceremony will be held.
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