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Our no-obligation, ceremony discovery meeting
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Ceremony Planning

Our no-obligation, ceremony discovery meeting

Meeting your Officiant in person is vitally important because this person is helping you transition through a Rite-of-Passage. You need to get a feel for the person and whether or not you can work with them. Are they answering all your questions? Do you feel confident they will craft and perform the ceremony of your dreams?

Often when I meet with people I'm asking questions they didn't even think of, and giving them suggestions for elements that may or may not "feel right"  to them.

Getting to know you

I want to know more about you and your dreams. To accomplish this, I offer a free, no-obligation, ceremony discovery meeting. We meet in a public place, I buy you something to drink, and then I listen to you tell me what you expect, what you want, how far you are in your planning, and answer your questions. 

You do not need to decide right away. I give you 10 days to let me know how you feel about working with me, and having me craft your extraordinary ceremony. This gives you an opportunity to step back, talk it over privately and really think about this very important decision.

Gift Registry Event

Now through March 1, 2015, Celebrations is having a special! Scan 25 items from their registry and you will earn a $25.00 off coupon! Visit their website: today to learn more!

Personal service with a smile

How many times have you called customer service only to be routed through a list of buttons to push and never seem to be able to speak with a live person? When you call (260) 479-7165 any day between the hours of 9:00a.m., and 9:00p.m., you will speak to me personally or I will call you right back, if I'm in a meeting or performing a ceremony. 

When we speak on the phone, it gives us both the opportunity to get to know each other better and discover the possibilities that await. You will receive a written quote when I know if I'm available for your date and time, and when I know where your ceremony will be held.


Getting engaged this Holiday Season? Book your venue first, and then give me a call at (260) 479-7165, with your location, date and time. Let's start crafting your perfect ceremony!

Outside Ceremonies

This summer has been much cooler in Indiana, than in previous years. If you are planning an outside ceremony for later this year, you would do well to bring it inside. Need some suggestions? I have a list of venues that includes seating capacities.

How is a Life-Cycle Celebrant different?

A Life-Cycle Celebrant is a professional trained to craft and perform rite of passage ceremonies for people in all walks of life from womb to tomb. Each rite of passage ceremony is designed with YOU in mind and tells your story; whether it be how you met and fell in love for a wedding or who you were as a person for an end of life celebration. No two ceremonies are alike, as each is individually crafted around your hopes, dreams, beliefs and wishes. 

Want to know more? Contact me today to find out how YOU can have an extraordinary ceremony! (260) 479-7165 or! Let's get started on the story of your life!

Your 2015 Wedding Ceremony

As 2014, quickly winds down from summer to autumn, now is a good time to begin planning your 2015, wedding ceremony! By allowing yourself plenty of time for all those pesky details, you are ensuring a less stressful ceremony! 

The best time to begin contacting your Wedding Officiant is when you have your ceremony venue booked. That could be as early as 9 months to a year prior to your wedding date. 

This is especially important if we will be including your love story, because it gives you time to fill out the questionnaires, me time to write your story and time for revisions.

Wedding Vows

  1. A note about my perception of the difference between "I do's" and "wedding vows." I call the "I do's" or "I will's" the Intent, because I am determining if you intend on continuing -- or give me permission to continue with -- the wedding ceremony. The Celebrant Foundation & Institute calls this "the asking." I have used and seen this part as the wedding vows; especially if the couple is too shy to... speak in front of their guests.

New Wedding Websites

I've added two new wedding websites to my "Ceremony Resources" page. "My Wedding" just sent out an E-zine loaded with information for engaged couples! Simply click on the words My Wedding Ezine, and you will be directed to it. 

Wedding Vibe has contests, and who doesn't love to win prizes! Loads of answers to your most pressing questions are waiting for you with one click! 
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