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Ceremony Elements

Your 2016 Wedding Ceremony

Have you thought about a theme for your wedding ceremony? What fits your personal style and the formality you wish to present? A Country Club will have a more formal feel than a backyard, and an indoor wedding will give you more opportunity to decorate in the theme of your choice than a park with trees, flowers, ponds, etc., unless of course, that IS your theme. 

Why is theme important? Having a theme saves you time, money and effort as you easily decide on the best decor, colors and finishing touches.

Unusual Unity Ceremony

Looking for a Unity Ceremony that's never been done before? Want to amaze your guests? We can create something unique just for the two of you, and I'll write the words of explanation! Every element of your ceremony should be about YOU!

Ceremony Elements on Internet

While planning your wedding ceremony, you may find fun and interesting things to include in your ceremony. Ask me how to artfully craft them into your ceremony to make it very personal and all about you!

Wedding Ceremony Script and Vow Samples

My fellow Life-Cycle Celebrants® have submitted wedding ceremony ideas to the knot.Here's the link to get ideas for your wedding ceremony:

Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

If money were no object, what would your dream ceremony be like? If you are married, you can still add what your dream reaffirmation/vow renewal would be like.

Write Your Own Vows

When you want your wedding or commitment vows to come from your heart, you need to write them yourself. Does that frighten you? Relax, I give you wording choices and tips; all you need to do is find the words that match your feelings.

Don't want to memorize them? I don't recommend memorizing your vows anyway. It's too stressful to try and remember what you want to say when you're already so nervous you don't know where you are. You have two options: either I can "feed" them to you where you repeat after me, or you can read them off a card or piece of paper.
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