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Getting engaged this Holiday Season? Book your venue first, and then give me a call at (260) 479-7165, with your location, date and time. Let's start crafting your perfect ceremony!

Unusual Unity Ceremony

Looking for a Unity Ceremony that's never been done before? Want to amaze your guests? We can create something unique just for the two of you, and I'll write the words of explanation! Every element of your ceremony should be about YOU!

Outside Ceremonies

This summer has been much cooler in Indiana, than in previous years. If you are planning an outside ceremony for later this year, you would do well to bring it inside. Need some suggestions? I have a list of venues that includes seating capacities.

How is a Life-Cycle Celebrant different?

A Life-Cycle Celebrant is a professional trained to craft and perform rite of passage ceremonies for people in all walks of life from womb to tomb. Each rite of passage ceremony is designed with YOU in mind and tells your story; whether it be how you met and fell in love for a wedding or who you were as a person for an end of life celebration. No two ceremonies are alike, as each is individually crafted around your hopes, dreams, beliefs and wishes. 

Want to know more? Contact me today to find out how YOU can have an extraordinary ceremony! (260) 479-7165 or! Let's get started on the story of your life!

Your 2015 Wedding Ceremony

As 2014, quickly winds down from summer to autumn, now is a good time to begin planning your 2015, wedding ceremony! By allowing yourself plenty of time for all those pesky details, you are ensuring a less stressful ceremony! 

The best time to begin contacting your Wedding Officiant is when you have your ceremony venue booked. That could be as early as 9 months to a year prior to your wedding date. 

This is especially important if we will be including your love story, because it gives you time to fill out the questionnaires, me time to write your story and time for revisions.

Ceremony Elements on Internet

While planning your wedding ceremony, you may find fun and interesting things to include in your ceremony. Ask me how to artfully craft them into your ceremony to make it very personal and all about you!

Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations, Patrick and Angela O'Brien! Their wedding ceremony was in the Indiana Hotel Lobby. It was a beautiful, but tight ceremony space. With the row of windows along one side, the photos should be great! 

If you're considering having your wedding ceremony there, I recommend you reserve seats according to the number of special guests, due to the limited seating on the "bride's side." There's more seating on the "groom's side." 

Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Cobie Oldham! What a lovely wedding ceremony at the Collamer waterfall! My your love only grow stronger!

Wedding Ceremony Script and Vow Samples

My fellow Life-Cycle Celebrants® have submitted wedding ceremony ideas to the knot.Here's the link to get ideas for your wedding ceremony:

Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

If money were no object, what would your dream ceremony be like? If you are married, you can still add what your dream reaffirmation/vow renewal would be like.
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