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Many years ago, my husband and I were married aboard the Buccaneer Queen out of Ports O’ Call, California. It was not your run-of-the-mill church wedding ceremony by any means. Our Minister was recommended by the boat company, so we had never met him, nor did we have the option of writing our own vows or any wording in the ceremony. Our wedding ceremony wording was the Minister’s standard that included blessings and the Lord’s Prayer.
Fort Wayne wedding minister officiantYou are here because, like me, you are not having your wedding ceremony in a church. Like me, you need an Officiant to solemnize (make legal) your marriage, complete the license and certificate. Like me, you’re not sure of what comes next, but you can relax, I’ve been in your shoes, I understand your needs and will listen to you as you describe your hopes and dreams.
In 2005, I became ordained as a Reverend (Minister, Pastor) to officiate wedding and funeral ceremonies, and have been crafting and performing extraordinary wedding ceremonies since 2006.
Always wanting to improve and expand my knowledge and skills, I studied with the Celebrant Foundation & Institute  to become certified as a Life-Cycle Celebrant® and graduated in April 2011. My training focused on wedding, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies; as well as memorial and funeral services; and Pet memorials and tributes. 

I speak a little Spanish, ASL, and German! 

Northern Indiana -- Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Huntington, Wabash, Goshen, Elkhart, South Bend, and surrounding areas, and am willing to travel anywhere in Indiana, Northwestern Ohio and Southern Michigan.
I am licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in Ohio!

How is a Life-Cycle Celebrant different? We are trained in the fundamentals of celebrancy, as well as all aspects of ceremonies. We learn how to blend cultures and religions, and use themes and rituals to enhance ceremonies and make them more meaningful. We must complete voice training and craft a wedding ceremony that includes "the couple's" love story in order to graduate and become certified. Along with having a certificate in Weddings, I also have a certificate in Funerals -- or as I prefer to call them, End of Life Ceremonies. Life-Cycle Celebrants go through 7 months of rigorous classes and assignments before graduating. We are trained to be YOUR ceremony specialist!

I HAVE BACK-UP in case of an emergency! Since I am not the only Life-Cycle Celebrant in Indiana, there are other Celebrants to perform your wedding ceremony, and we refer clients to one another when we are already booked or if you are looking for an Officiant closer to your venue. In addition, Celebrants around the world regularly share their knowledge and experience. This means that if I need help crafting your ceremony, a well-spring of ideas is readily available.

For more information about the Celebrant Foundation & Institute please call (973) 746-1792 or visit their website:

The IAWO is working hard to make sure the Wedding Officiants listed on their website are trained professionals with experience to ensure your wedding ceremony is performed by a dedicated Officiant according to your wishes and the laws of the State of Indiana!

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